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St John’s Wort Extract- 0.3% Hypericin

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Additional Information

  • Product Type:
    Raw Material/Extract
  • Brand Name:
    Hypericum perforatum L
  • Marketed Country:
    North America, China, Europe
  • Targeted Country:
    North America, China, Europe
  • Dosage Form:
  • Route of Administration:
  • Health Function:
    Heart and Cardiovascular
  • Min Order Quantity:
    300-500 Kilogram
  • Lead Time:
    1 Weeks
  • Accepted Delivery Terms:
  • Accepted Payment Currency:
  • Accepted Payment Type:
  • Company:


"One of the most famous products in Acetar, with longest history, the most mature technology and the most stable quality .

*cGMP manufacturer to ensure a stable supply and reliable quality.

*Export volume reached 60,000 kg in 2015 and is expected to reach 80,000kg in 2016.

*Can reach an annual capacity of 90,000-100,000kg.

*Long term contract with large raw material plantations for consistent supply and quality insurance.

*Can pass DNA Testing both for raw material and extract powder by NSF authentechnologies.

*Pesticide Residue can meet USP<561> standard.

*Can pass HPTLC for ID Testing.

*Can reach annual capacity 90,000kg for this product.

*Competitive Price.

*Ensure the real natural quality 0.3% Hypericin.

*Enthnol-water as solvent extraction".

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