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  • Sodium propionate

Sodium propionate

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Additional Information

  • Product Type:
    Raw Material/Extract
  • Marketed Country:
  • Targeted Country:
  • Shelf Life Period:
    18 Months
  • Certification:
  • Color:
  • Odour:
    odorless or slightly acid smell
  • Application:
    dairy products, bakery products, cheese
  • Supply ability:
    3000 Kilogram Weeks
  • Lead Time:
    2~3 Weeks
  • Nearest Port:
  • Accepted Delivery Terms:
    FOB, CIF
  • Accepted Payment Currency:
  • Accepted Payment Type:


Molecular formulaC3H5NaO2

Molecular weight96.06

Description:Colorless and transparent crystal, granule or crystalline powder, odorless or slightly acid smell, easy to deliquescence in moist air. Easily soluble in water (1mg/1ml, 15 ), soluble in ethanol (4.4g/100ml), slightly soluble in acetone (0.05%).

UsesPreservatives, antifungal agents.


       1GB2760-2014(g/kg)Pastry 2.5; Bayberry canned processing technology 50, the above terms in order to propionic acid, applied using 3% -5% of the aqueous solution must be washed before processing.

       2FAO/WHO:Processed cheese 3000mg/kg.
       3. ECC provides can be used for dairy products, bakery products, cheese and so on. Still be used as a beer, sticky substance suppressing resistance agents.

PackagingProduct packaging for the paper-plastic bags, polythene food bag inside the packaging, net weight 25 kg / bag; 10 kg / box.

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