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Pure Natural Vine Tea Extract 98%Dihydromyricetin

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Other names: Ampelopsin, ampeloptin           

Chemical name: (2R,3R)-3,5,7-Trihydroxy-2-(3,4,5-trihydroxyphenyl)chroman-4-one

Botanical origin: Ampolopsis grossedentata W.T.Wang.

Part of the plant used: Stems and Leaves
Specifications: Dihydromyricetin ( DMY ) 50%, 80%, 90%, 98% (HPLC)

CAS No. : 27200-12-0

Molecular structure & weight: C15H12O8, 320.25

Extract solvents: Ethanol & water

Appearance: Fine white crystalline powder for the 98% above, the low content powder is light greenish white.

Solubility: Easy soluble in hot water, hot ethanol and acetone, soluble in ethanol, methanol, slightly soluble acetic ether, insoluble in chloroform, petroleum ether.

Stability: Stable in heat, but when heated to 100℃ above, it will be oxidized irreversibly. It is stable in acidity and neutral solution. Water solution of DMY will change slightly if heated above 80 Celsius degree.

Taste: The DMY taste slightly bitter, it affect the drink very little and the dosage is very small. KINGHERBS can also offer de-bitterness DMY for your specially formula.

Ampelopsis grossedentata is called Teng Cha in China, as a Chinese Herbal Medicine it has a glycol flavor, the nature is cool; it can alleviate fevers, drunkness, cure rheumatism, strengthen physique, diuresis, and many other functions.

Ampelopsis grossedentata contains rich flavones, amino acids, vitamins; proteins and essential trace element.

The flavones are mainly dihydromyricetin, myricetin, quercetin, quercetin-5-O-β–D-glucoside, taxifolin, apiin. 

Dihydromyricetin applications:

Protect liver, HELP recovery from drunkness. Dosage range suggested for hangover 1-8mg/kg body weight, based on DHM 80%,

Clear the free radical,


Diminish inflammation,


Preventing the forming of the thrombus,

Anti-tumour, especially it is under researches for leukemia, nasopharyngeal darcinoma/NPC,

Used in feed as antioxidant, controlling E.coli, aflatoxin, mold in the feed,

Helps improving the taste and flavors of the poultry meat.

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