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 Please be aware that the website (“the site”) functions as a global marketplace for dietary businesses, thus the selling or posting of items may be prohibited because of laws outside of the jurisdiction where you reside. The site does not permit the trading of products that are illegal, infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others, or may easily be used for illegal purposes. Below, we have listed some categories of prohibited or restricted items. However, this list is not exhaustive; you, as the buyer or seller, are responsible for ensuring that you are not posting an item that is prohibited by law in any jurisdiction.

 The following is a list of products/product types that are banned on DBI Global:

  1. Adult subscription services or chatting services.
  2. Alcoholic beverages and related products.
  3. Animals or Animal parts.
  4. Any Service or Product Requiring a License to Practice, e.g. Legal, Medical or Therapy Services
  5. Art displaying Humans or Animals (including paintings, pictures, figures, sculptures)
  6. Art displaying Religious Places or Scenery (e.g. churches, mosques, temples, etc.)
  7. Contracts And Tickets
  8. Counterfeit Currency and Stamps
  9. Credit or Debit Card, Credit Repair Services, Applications for Financial Services or Loans, Collection Services
  10. Event ticket resale policy
  11. Financial Services or Advice, Securities Trading, Insurance, Currency Exchange, Trading Signals and Precious Metals. Money transfers, issuing bank guarantees and letters of credit, loans, fundraising and funding for personal investment purposes are banned.
  12. Firearms, Ammunition, High Capacity Magazines, Tasers, Air Guns, Weapons and related products.
  13. Gambling and Gambling related products.
  14. Giveaways, lotteries, raffles, or contests;
  15. Government and Transit Documents, Uniforms, IDs and Licenses
  16. Hazardous Materials, Corrosives
  17. Human Body Parts, Fluids, and Remains
  18. Illegal Drugs and Drug bits and pieces
  19. IPR Infringing, Replica, and Name Brand "Knock Off" Products.
  20. Items that do not offer a product or service for sale, such as advertisements solely for the purpose of collecting user information.
  21. Items containing the Face, name, or signature of another person are prohibited
  22. Listing or sale of crude oil, petroleum, petroleum products and petrochemical products.
  23. Listing or sale of unauthorized (pirated, duplicated, backup, bootleg, etc.) copies of software programs, video games, music albums, movies, television programs, photographs or other protected works is forbidden on the Site
  24. Mailing lists and personal information
  25. Musical Instruments & Related Products (E.g Guitars, drums, violin, music books, etc.)
  26. Pornographic, Erotic & Adult Content (including but not limited to: pictures, videos, DVDs, magazines, toys, etc.)
  27. Posts that promote Hatred, Racism or Religious Persecution
  28. Prescription Drugs or Devices, Controlled Substances, Unapproved Drugs, Unapproved Medical Devices.
  29. Products or images containing profanity and showcasing nudity.
  30. Psychic Readings
  31. Real Estate Investment
  32. Religious items and products (E.g, Religious books, art, crafts, sculptures jewelry etc)
  33. Requests for Donations
  34. Sale and purchase of currency, coins, bank notes, bonds, money orders, currency in digital or any intangible form (e.g. crypto-currency) and other securities, as well as the equipment used to produce such items.
  35. Sale and purchase of refurbished mobile phones, laptops and computers is prohibited on the Site.
  36. Spyware, Spamware, E-Mail Advertising, Opt-In or Any Commercial Messaging Services
  37. Stocks, bonds, investment interests, and other securities;
  38. Tattoos, tattoo equipment, tattoo machinery, body art etc
  39. Tobacco Products, Smoking Mixtures or Tobacco Substitutes
  40. Travel Services, including Hotel, Airfare, Overnight Accommodations, Car Rental
  41. Any other such activity barred by law or rules governed within or outside the United States of America.


Note: NOTICE: This list should not be considered exhaustive in nature and shall be updated on a continuous basis. If you are unsure about the product you wish to list with the Site in regard to its appropriateness or legality, please contact our customer services department at