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Oyster Extract 10:1 20:1 Oyster Peptide Powder 98%

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Additional Information

  • Product Type:
    Raw Material/Extract
  • Active Ingredients:
  • Marketed Country:
  • Targeted Country:
    North American/Europe Countries
  • Shelf Life Period:
    24 Months
  • Health Function:
    Men's Health
  • Supply ability:
    5 Metric Ton Months
  • Lead Time:
    5 Days
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    FOB, EXW, CFR, CIF, DDP, DDU, Espress delivery
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What's Oyster Extract?

Oyster extract is a natural cocktail of several trace elements with Zinc being the major one. A good oyster extract contains 3mg of Zinc per gram of powder; this concentration is the highest among all bio-available sources. The human body requires Zinc for a number of important physiological processes like synthesis of important proteins and enzymes, reproductive functions, immunity and general vitality. Medically it has been established that Zinc deficiency leads to lower muscle gain, low strength, reduced sex drive and weight gain. This is primarily because a Zinc deficiency leads to reduced levels of testosterone and all the important downstream effects of testosterone are compromised.

oyster extract.jpg

Oyster extract is a very popular supplement among men who are looking to increase their testosterone levels because it contains the highest concentration of bio available Zinc in addition to other important trace elements. Although there are very few reports with clinical studies on Oyster extract, the studies on the effect of Zinc (the main constituent of the Oyster extract) strongly suggest a positive regulatory effect on synthesis and production of testosterone in body.

How Oysters Might Help Testosterone?


1. Natural Zinc source

When we look at the benefits of oyster extract we can clearly see some that could be related to increasing testosterone. Zinc and vitamin D are responsible for stimulating the release of free testosterone in your body.

It’s common knowledge that testosterone is directly associated with muscle growth. But having healthy levels of test also improves our health, including strong bones and a healthy heart. Also it’s a fact that having more lean muscle and reduced body fat greatly lowers your risk of many diseases and ailments.

2. Conditional DAA supply.

During the molluscan mating season, oysters increase levels of major T-booster D-Aspartic Acid.

3. Reduces oxidative stress of free radicals

Another key aspect of the oyster’s benefits on sexual health is its antioxidant capabilities, evidenced by its reduction of rat hydrogen peroxide levels.7

In general, antioxidants protect all-around health from free-radical damage–reducing the ill effects of oxidative stress down to a cellular level. This can have major implications on male sexual health, especially under conditions of impaired testicular functioning (although women’s organs can benefit from antioxidants as well).

Supplements in Review Recommendation

Oyster extract, 500 mg daily

Oysters are a legendary aphrodisiac, backed by some modern research… Albeit predominantly preliminary, pre-clinical research. However, for anyone wondering whether or not the oyster’s aphrodisiac status is solely the stuff of myth & legend, rest assured: It is–but it’s also the stuff of chemistry & science.

For testosterone, they're a rich source of Zinc, while also supplying DAA. For this reason alone, users looking to simply boost T may do better by supplementing a T-booster stack that includes Zinc & D-Aspartic Acid—the two most effective male-enhancing constituents found in oyster meat (and perhaps two of the best T-boosters in general). The major advantage of supplementing is that you’ll know exactly how much of these active ingredients you’re getting — as opposed to the variable levels found in the oysters themselves.

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