LOS ANGELES, CA - 1 Jun, 2017 - Ancient Wealth has recently unveiled a new product called Vedic Shift which makes use of the properties of a powerful Ayurvedic herb to combat anxiety and depression and to relieve stress. Vedic Shift is now available for sale on Amazon.

Vedic Shift offers benefits for both the body and soul. It’s main ingredient is organic Gotu Kola, a pure Ayurvedic herb which functions as a natural anxiety medication, a stress reliever, and a nervous system tonic. It has been shown to be a helpful herb for depression and to renew the immune system. It was one of the most powerful herbs known to ancient civilizations.

Current estimates put the number of Americans suffering from anxiety disorders at about 30% of the population. It is estimated that anxiety costs the US a total of more than $42 billion a year. Additionally, depression affects an estimated 14.8 million Americans and is the leading cause of disability for Americans aged 15-44.

Vedic Shift affects the parts of the brain responsible for negativity and inner suffering, allowing consumers to enjoy more calm, alertness, and overall happiness. It also enhances healthy brain oxygenation to promote healthy sleep and treat migraine headaches.

Vedic Shift may prove to be a welcome alternative to traditional medication for anxiety, depression, migraines and insomnia. One reviewer states, “This ayurvedic herbal formula is known for it's contributions to longevity. It is widely used in ayurvedic medicine as well as Chinese medicine for anxiety, preventing Alzheimer's, brain function and more. An adaptogen, it helps the body adapt to stress and heal from trauma, etc. I love that herbal medicines work with your body, not against it. I am using this product for anxiety and stress and find it very helpful.”

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