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Natures prime antioxidant

1. It inhibiting the ageing process.
2. It prevents common cold.
3. It is a nutritional powerhouse and hence used to boost immunity and restore body's vitality.
4. It provides energy to vital organs and hence used in chronic illness recovery.
5. It helps in regulating blood glucose levels in diabetic patients.
6. It facilitates absorption of iron in the body and improves hemoglobin level.
7. It possesses potent anti-inflammatory action and hence used in various gastrointestinal tract inflammation such as gastritis.
8. It contains natural digestive enzymes and hence used in indigestion.
9. It promotes spermatogenesis.
10. It reduces serum cholesterol and reduces high blood pressure.

2 caps + 2 caps(4 cap each day) Day & Night after food. Or as directed by physician.
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