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  • Fructus Momordicae Extract

Fructus Momordicae Extract

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Latin Name:Momordica grosvenori P.E.   
Name: Loquat Leaf Extract
active ingredients:Ursolic Acid25%、90%
Appearance:white powder
specification: 25%、90%
Packaging:Drum, Plastic Container, Vacuum Packed
Grade: food grade
Shelf life:2 years

 Main Function 
   (1). With the function of treating cough, sore throat and stomach discomfort;
   (2). With the function of being used as a stable and non- fermented additive for diabetic patients;
   (3). Rich in amino acids, fructose, vitamins and minerals, it can be used as spices and nutritional additives. 
   (1). As raw material for clearing blood, treating cough, throat and gastrointestinal diseases, it is widely used in pharmaceutical field;
   (2). As food sweetener, additives and spices, it is widely used in food industry;
   (3). As strengthening the immune system product, additive, it is widely used in health industry.
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