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Probiotic Green Smoothie, Blend of Fruits & Vegetables + Lactic Acid Bacteria (10 Billion )

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·         Made in Japan

·         Good for vegetarians

·         Probiotic Green Smoothie contains 82 kinds of fruits and vegetables in condensed fermented extract form

·         10 billion of lactic acid bacteria is a sub-key ingredient, which supports maintenance of your gut flora and good intestinal conditions

·         It has a refreshing taste

·         This smoothie can replace, wholly or partially, one of your daily meals (for breakfast, for example)

·         Chiashido, gives the feeling of fullness, also can be the replacement of meal for dieters.

·         Oligosaccharide, supports cleansing of digestive system!

·         Enjoyed mixed with water or milk, one glass gives you benefit of fruits and vegetables recommended daily dose.

This green smoothie is recommended for those who lack vegetables or fruits nutrition in their diets or are on a diet
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