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Coleus forskohlii Briq. (Family - Lamiaceae) is an herb of medicinal importance  that grows under tropical to temperate areas in India

The root of the plant is used in Ayurveda and other systems of medicine for several ailments such as heart and lung conditions, asthma, digestive disorder, insomnia, muscle spasm, convulsion and skin diseases

q  Forskolin, the major diterpene of Coleus, got world wide gratitude as fat burning molecule.

q  Forskolin directly, rapidly and reversibly activate adenylate cyclase, resulting remarkably increases the intracellular cAMP level. cAMP increases utilization of body fat, increases basal metabolic rate and regulates the body’s thermogenic response to food. Thus forskolin supplement may lead to fat loss without muscle mass loss (Alasbahi and Melzig; 2010. Planta Med. 76: 753–765)

q  Topical cosmetic slimming product combining forskolin, tetra-hydroxy- propyl-ethylene-diamine, carnitine and retinol have been developed. Clinical trial on five selected parts of the body was conducted among 78 women. The formulation improved skin feature and significantly reduced fat in circumference of abdomen, hips-buttocks and waist (Roure et al. 2011; Int J Cosmet Sci. 33(6):519-26)

q  Crude extracts of C. forskohlii and its phyto-constituents have been reported for potential therapeutic effects on weight management and obesity (Shivaprasad et al. 2014, Phcog Res 6:42-45).

q  Effects on appetite by C. forskohlii supplement in mildly overweight women were evaluated. Significant reduction in the satisfaction of food consumed in treated group, suggesting that there was less enjoyment in eating and therefore intensity of food consumption was less (Henderson et al. 2005; J Int Soc Sports Nutr 2:54–62).

q  250 mg of standardized C. forskohlii extract containing 10% forskolin was administered to 6 overweight women twice daily for eight weeks. 8% reduction of body fat was observed and average weight was reduced (Monograph on Coleus forskohlii (2006) Altern Med Rev 11:47-51)

The other uses are

Cardio-Protective activity

Antihypertensive activity

Antiglaucoma activity

Antiasthmatic activity

Anti-inflammatory activity

Anticancer activity

Anti-HIV activity

Cosmeceutical use

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