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The Evening beauty with healthy duties- evening primrose oil



It is a small plant which bears beautiful yellow flowers during the spring and summer seasons. Evening primrose oil is extracted from the seeds of the plant by pressing them. It is a plant native to North America. It has got its name from its characteristics because its flowers bloom in the evening. The oil contains linoleic acid and GLA which plays a vital role as a protective coating around nerve fibers and cell membranes. It bears the scientific name Oenothera biennis.

This beautiful flower bearing plant has various health benefits.



Healthy uses of evening primrose oil:

It balances hormones: It is helpful in managing PMS [2]. Some studies have revealed the positive effect of primrose oil during PMS. It even contains fatty acids which help in creating a healthy environment for conception. Another common symptom experienced by most women is hot flashes. A clinical trial study was performed on 56 menopausal women for 6 weeks, to test the efficacy of evening primrose oil to hot flashes. It was found that primrose oil was highly effective in alleviating the frequency of hot flashes. This hormonal balance helps to prevent hair loss as hormonal imbalance of dihydrotestosterone levels leads to hair loss in men [3] and excessive stress and thyroid hormones imbalance leads to hair loss in women [4]. EPO maintains the hormonal imbalance, thus preventing hair loss.

Helps to manage bone diseases: Age factor may be one of the main reasons for bone problems. It might lead to problems like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis etc. Evening primrose oil has the potential in alleviating the pain of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis. A review published in the year 2011 revealed the potential of GLA in Evening primrose oil [5].

Promotes skin health: It may help in relieving symptoms of eczema. It helps in promoting skin health. It helps to get relief from hormonal acne. As per one study revealed, it might help in treating a condition of inflamed lip caused due to use of isotretinoin [6]. It is good for skin as it moisturizes it. It makes the skin soft and even supplies with vital nutrients. Thus, it makes your skin look flawless and youthful. This oil contains anti-inflammatory properties which help alleviate swelling, redness and rashes on the skin [7].

Labor inducer: Some people might have problems in initiating labor. Evening primrose oil has been believed to be best for naturally inducing labor. As there are many naturals ways but primerose oil is one of the best natural ways. Nowadays, EPO is available in the market as supplements too. Some studies suggest that it might help shorten the labor duration [8].

Might help alleviate high blood pressure: High blood pressure is common these days, but it’s harmful to the body. EPO is believed to be helpful in alleviating high blood pressure. Though, more research is needed to prove this theory. But a study in 2013 [9] showed that EPO lowered systolic blood pressure by 4 %. This reduction was called as a clinically meaningful difference by researchers.

Excellent nerve pain alleviator: Some time nerve pain is associated with diabetes [10]. This nerve pain might be alleviated using Evening primrose oil. Some clinical trials have shown that- consuming evening primrose oil for 6-12 months have improved the conditions of nerve damage. One older research [11] said taking linolenic acid helped alleviating neuropathy symptoms as well.


  • Regular use of this oil for a longer period can lead to hypoglycemia in diabetic patients.
  • Upset stomach, soft stools, headache
  • EPO is known to lower blood clotting, so people who are to undergo surgery should avoid this.
  • EPO might show an allergic reaction like
    1. Rash
    2. Difficulty breathing
    3. Wheezing
    4. Inflammation of hands and feet’s
  • Pregnant ladies should talk to the physician before consuming this oil.


Author: Sonali Pradhan

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