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  • Andrographis Extract

Andrographis Extract

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Additional Information

  • Product Type:
    Raw Material/Extract
  • Active Ingredients:
  • Dosage Form:
  • Shelf Life Period:
    24 Months
  • Min Order Quantity:
    1 Kilogram
  • Lead Time:
    7 Days
  • Accepted Payment Type:


English name:Andrographolide
Latin Name: Andrographis paniculata 
Active Ingredients: Andrographolide
appearance:white powder
Specifications: 10%, 50% 98% Andrographolide
Form: powder
Package: Cardboard barrels lined with two layer plastic bags, 25KG/BARRELS.
Part Used: Leaf
Grade: Food grade.
shelf life: 2 years

Main Functions
1. Andrographolide plays an important role in anti pathogenic microorganism function.
2. Antipyretic effect.
3. Anti-inflammatory effects.
4. Andrographolide has positive effect on organism immune system. 
5. Andrographis has an obvious effect in termination of pregnancy.
6. Cholagogic effect and to protect liver.
7. Anti-tumor effects

Andrographolide is used as remedy for the common cold, digestive issues, upper respiratory tract infections, flu and other sicknesses typified by fever and it may even play a role in cardiovascular and cancer treatments.
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